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Brake pads for rail transport


Disk-type brake units for conventional and high-speed railway cars, locomotives and other rail vehicles


  • Operation at high speeds and high loads;
  • Friction factor stability;
  • High thermostability;
  • Long operational lifetime of the brake pad;
  • Low wear of the mating disk;
  • Low noise level in operation;
  • Safe for the environment and human health.


Operation of a rail vehicles brake system is characterized by high sliding speeds and specific loads during the braking action. For this purpose we offer highly-efficient sintered friction materials operating in the friction pair with steel mating brake disks. For each type of application we can offer a suitable design of the brake pad and friction material composition to meet the targeted performance parameters.

Innovative technologies and high-quality materials used by qualified specialists of our company allow achieving an optimum relationship between several constituents, e.g. the friction factor, friction layer wear resistance and reduced wear of the mating brake disk.

Rapid progress and innovation in the rail transport industry continually present us with new challenges. We are committed to make the braking action faster, smoother and noiseless. By implementing new technologies, we continue to improve friction materials ensuring safety and efficiency of operation of rail vehicles.

This means that out products function better and longer, consequently making vehicle maintenance easier and less frequent, which results in reduced down-time.